Self-defense for elderly

Many elderly feel insecure, anxious and vulnerable, resulting in feeling unsafe in conflict situations or in fear to go out at night. Krav Maga Den Haag has developed a self-defense training especially for the elderly aimed at strengthening their trust in their own physical and mental capabilities.

Besides working on their physical and mental skills, the elderly participants are also trained in prevention and (timely) recognizing potentially dangerous situations. This workshop is also suitable for people with a mild physical disability.

The program is a good balance between physical and mental skills training focused on elderly. It will help them improve their coordination, flexibility, strength and agility. Of course this automatically entails they will improve their self-confidence and sense of security. We work with themes like ‘walking the streets safely’, theft and robbery preventions, ‘safely pinning’ and ‘dealing with uninvited visitors’.

Krav Maga Den Haag gives this effective and meaningful training periodically in series of each 5 lessons. Of course, on request is also possible.