Jonathan Infi August 11 at 15:23
Fantastic school. Great people, great trainers in a fun environment. Really fun way to learn self defense.

Michael Nielsen 12 October 2016
5 stars … what can I add … contemporary, accessible, knowledgeable teachers, nice students, efficient, fun, serious … and I can go on and on but I think it is clear that I think it is fantastic.

Jenny van Breugel July 7, 2016
Hope learned, hope that I can participate again in the future.

Andre van Houts July 5, 2016
A very good gym with toppers from teachers who explain everything well and clearly. And the atmosphere at the gym is very good and cozy. In short, highly recommended this gym!

André Moonen 21 September 2016
Half a year ago I started Krav Maga at “Krav Maga The Hague”. Without any prior knowledge of any martial arts, other than what I had read in advance, I was welcomed with open arms as a beginner. Both by the instructors and by the students. The atmosphere is therefore very open and friendly, despite the fact that during the lessons you have to perform of course! The instructors Bart and Stephan are extremely proficient, very accessible and extremely well-trained. Everyone has their own style of teaching and both of them can be strict on their time, and that’s good because Krav Maga is about persevering and going on! The students of a higher level will also be happy to help you further, which greatly enhances team spirit and solidarity.

In short, would you like to learn a modern and practically applicable defense technique in an informal and friendly atmosphere? Look no further and come train at Krav Maga The Hague! Kida!

Nick Galic October 8, 2016
Good school for anyone who wants to learn to defend themselves effectively if necessary.

Richard van Breugel June 5, 2016
Very useful and on top of that also a lot of fun. Nice casual atmosphere and 2 good teachers.

Ad van Breugel March 22, 2016
But just write a review about this beautiful school. The trainers Stefan and Bart know how it is and know how to explain this to the nice club ..
A must for everyone! Kida!

Michel March 14, 2016
Fine gym! Getting training from skilled instructors in a nice beginners group.

Rober de Boer 6 February 2016
Top school with varied group! Training with respect for each other.

Monique Parsisius 4 July 2015
If you want to train in a relaxed atmosphere where everyone is respected as he / she is then you are certainly at the right address. Personal directions where necessary from the trainers makes it possible for everyone to learn the techniques !!!!!

Daniela Korman October 25, 2014
A great place to learn useful self defense techniques among a very friendly and supportive group of people. Once you give it a try it’s hard not to go back! ?

Robert van Middeldijk 20 May 2014
Kmdh is a very nice, low-threshold and positively set gym where you are taught the art of Krav Maga in an expert professional manner. This is provided to you by Bart, a top instructor I often train with and still learn a lot. A very nice, pleasant, expert, clear and patient instructor who is very good on the basis of respect and equality with his students. DO NOT KNOW KRAV MAGA yet, try a true revelation at kmdh.

Claudine Umali 20 mei 2014
In very realistic situations and under stress so that if you ever need to use Krav Maga, you can rely on your training to kick in and enable you to survive an attack. The training sessions are well thought through : conditioning and strength training followed by stretching and then defense techniques that use the muscles trained in the earlier parts of the class. I love that there is always a good mixture of students and levels of competence to keep me on my toes. Plus, we have awesome parties, too.

Anand SadhoeIk
Can not say otherwise that this gym is a winner. The atmosphere that always hangs is good. Enough variation in training and cardio. A nice mix of women and men. Experience it yourself and come and train with it. Note that there is also serious and hard training. A full body protection gear is not a superfluous luxury;)

Diana from R
Not only do you learn to defend yourself against 1 or more people in different situations (with or without knives and sticks), you get a complete full body workout. So it is good for body and soul. The atmosphere is friendly and friendly and the trainers are excellent!

Niko Mailand
Krav Maga is simply the most effective self-defense system there is. In this class you learn how to defend yourself against the most common and dangerous attacks you could encounter on the street (streetfights, knife, two-against-one etc.)

There is a friendly atmosphere, the lessons are engaging and the teachers are excellent. I would recommend this to anyone who would like to combine learning realistic self-defense tactics with having a great time!

Lukazs Goral
This is a place where you can get everything in one package: full body workout, learn how to defend yourself in all sorts of real situations (incl. knife attacks), meet new friendly people and do something for your mind and body. Great training, people and atmosphere. I definitely recommend it.

KIDS –  FunFightFit 

Jan Paul Agema 7 February 2016
At FunFightFit children learn with pleasure to defend themselves in various ways; at school against classmates and on the street against strangers. With Krav Maga as base you learn to defend yourself against bumps and kicks but also against strangles, handles, clamps etc. The big advantage is that children radiate resilience. My 6-year-old son really loves it!

Chimène 21 February 2015
At Fun Fight Fit children learn to stand up for themselves in a fun and playful way and how they can defend themselves. The children can lose their energy here during the conditional exercises and they learn how to treat each other with respect. But the best thing to see is how much fun and motivation the children train.

Claudine Umali
Fun Fight Fit promotes conditioning, strength and coordination in children. It gives them the confidence to move with their bodies in any situation. It is also an excellent avenue to learn to play vigorously but in a friendly atmosphere with other children.


I have been training with Krav Maga Den Haag since March 2016 in individual classes. I can give a 100% recommendation for their programme. Bart is skilled, thorough and very patient. The individual programme has been adapted to match my progress on a weekly basis. My fitness has improved massively in the space of a few months.

Candice McGovern – Regional Customer Manager (RCM) – Engineering and Manufacturing Sector at DHL (CSI); July 4, 2016, Candice was a client of Bart’s.
I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Bart van de Wiel who is a professional and a dedicated Krav Maga trainer. His expertise and persistence in this capacity have helped me to become stronger as a person both physically and mentally. Bart’s balanced training techniques are matched by a sense of humor, and his vigorous drive is inspirational.
He is obviously knowledgeable in the more advanced skills of Krav Maga, martial arts, various boxing styles and weapons techniques. I have been extremely happy in my association with Bart, and would recommend him highly to anyone interested in taking up Krav Maga.


Charles B. – Head of Security – at the British School in the Netherlands; January 24, 2017, Charles was a client of Bart’s
We had the opportunity to train with Bart. He has the unique combination of being an excellent teacher in explaining the techniques and the skills to motivate you to go deeper and further in your development to become better in Krav Maga.

Willem Vellema – Nautical employee A; July 2, 2016, Willem was Bart’s teacher
Bart is very knowledgeable in the field of physical and mental resilience. A pleasant colleague to work with.