Terms and Conditions

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  • The agreement is entered into for an indefinite period of time and will only be terminated if one of the two parties informs the other party by e-mail or by registered letter that it wishes to terminate this agreement. Canceling can therefore only be done by letter or mail, and only when there is no backlog in contribution. The notice period to be observed is 2 full weeks.
  • The agreed contribution remains due even if the participant / participant does not participate in any lesson for whatever reason. Only if the agreement has been terminated according to the rules or when Krav Maga The Hague has temporarily relieved the participant / participant from the payment obligation, the contribution is not due. Both must be apparent from a written statement issued by Krav Maga The Hague
  • The contribution must be paid in advance or per month, so for the 1st of the month, but no later than the 10th of the first month. In case of unsuccessful payments and / or late payment, payment costs will be charged. In the event of non-payment or late payment of the membership fee, the participant / participant is given notice of default and the claim is placed in the hands of a debt collection agency that will provide collection for and on behalf of Krav Maga The Hague. All costs of this collection will be borne by the participant / participant. In case of any judicial collection, the processing and execution costs will also be borne by the participant / participant
  • Temporary suspension is possible per month or months (make known by mail): Only when you are fully involved with payments. You need to mail this two weeks in advance

Changing Subscription is only possible per 1st of the following month.

  • The participant / participant declares that he / she will receive the present sports participation / sports education or use of the accommodation (s), exclusively for own risk only and that the costs of any accident and / or injury completly and exclusively by him / her being carried herself. The participant / participant here by declares that he will now waive all rights to bring damages actions against Krav Maga The Hague or people who perform work for Krav Maga The Hague, due to compensation of costs, damage and interest as a result of any accident and / or injuries resulting from sport and / or use of the accommodation, as well as due to the sports clothing and / or objects left behind in the accommodation.
  • Krav Maga The Hague decides on which days and hours sports education can be enjoyed, or the accommodation can be used. The participant / participant will have to address this individually. No sports education will be given on National holidays. The Krav Maga The Hague is also free to make adjustments to the timetable / dropping lessons, during school holidays. This applies mainly to the FunFightFit lessons and self-defense for teenagers.
  • Contribution fee can be adjusted per month. Change in contribution fee has no consequences for the contract entered into.
  • The trading of goods and / or services in and around the accommodations is not permitted.
  • Smoking in the accommodations is not allowed.
  • Other people’s properties are respected. Everyone is expected to pay attention to their own but also to other people’s property
  • The delivery of nuisance to everyone else on the way to and from the accommodation is not permitted.
  • The misuse of techniques, tactics and / or power is never permitted. Also not outside the accommodation. Violation of this rule will result in cancellation of membership and any other sanctions.
  • Practicing Krav Maga at Krav Maga The Hague gym is only allowed from the age of 16 and only for people without a criminal record.


  • When training, one must comply with the general hygienic requirements regarding body and clothing. Nails should be kept short. Wearing jewelry, watches, piercings and other sharp objects during training is not permitted. Also the use of chewing gum or eating sweets and the like in the training room during training is not allowed (or a bottle or drinking bottle filled with water)
  • It is forbidden to enter the training room with outdoor shoes. Sports shoes without black sole are allowed during the lesson. (please note that no sports shoes worn outside)
  • Discrimination and / or insulting others and / or impairing a person’s good name and honor are behaviors that are not tolerated. We all train together, everyone must respect everyone else.
  • Leaving the gym during training and / or stopping or training is not permitted without the trainer’s permission. For safety reasons, the trainer needs to know why you want to leave the room, so that in case of injury, he or she can take any necessary action.
  • Toilet visits during training should not be necessary and is therefore absolutely not desirable.
  • During the training, drinking is allowed, but only in and on the moments set by the Trainer.
  • Do not leave any property or junk, always neatly with each other the accommodation.