The FunFightFit-method is the most effective resilience training for children

Krav Maga Den Haag offers schools and clubs multiple, several workshops and training. The FunFightFit method was developed especially for children from 5 to 12 years old. An ideal training to train their resilience, both physical and mentally. This method teaches children all kinds of basic skills in a fun way such as discipline, cleaning up, organizing, listening, cooperation and dealing with winning and losing. Next to that they also learn how to defend themselves and deal with dangerous situations, e.g. kidnapping, dangerous objects and where they can go in a threatening situation. Older children we offer various martial arts e.g. Krav Maga, judo and jiu-jitsu besides the well-known ‘Rots- en Water’-training.



We also develop workshops or training especially for teachers. Two Krav Maga Den Haag-instructors also work as teachers in high schools, so they are able develop a workshop or training on basis of their own experience, e.g. an effective workshop aimed at dealing with and recognizing different types of (verbal) aggression. Combining this physical workshop with a communications workshop, will even be more effective.

Some of the schools that have already made use of our expertise:

  • Mondriaan college, care and welfare
  • Wellant college Rijswijk
  • Bonaventura college Leiden and Roelofarendsveen
  • British international school Den Haag
  • Handbalvereniging WHC
  • Johan de Wit scholengroep
  • OBS Benoordenhout
Training op maat scholen