Communication workshops by Simon Brouwer

Dealing with aggression, harassing behavior and resistance requires physical skills as well as mental and communication skills. In his workshops Simon focusses on practicing possible communicative reactions in situations which seem to lead to aggression, with emphasis on verbal responses and effective body language. Also does he pay attention to the differences between instrumental aggression and frustration-aggression and to the coordination between team members in a threatening situation.

At the end of every workshop the participants:

  • are able to estimate the possibilities and impossibilities in order to adjust undesirable behavior of other people;
  • are able to estimate their own, strong reaction to the undesirable behavior of other people;
  • have taken notice of different perspectives on street culture;
  • recognize a (verbal) Karate-response and a Aikido-response;
  • have applied the ‘neutrality’ principle from the world of mediation and recognize the concept ‘working from common values’ in real life situations;
  • have reflected on their own personal concept of (mutual) respect.

Simon Brouwer has extensive experience in training various types of professional teams, e.g. teams of healthcare institutions, of municipal services and of educational organizations. He shares the philosophy of Krav Maga Den Haag as well as the same goal of learning as many people as possible how to defend themselves and how to increase their resilience, both physically and mentally.